Initial Set Up

Initial set up is mostly setting log channels, and the mute role. An example set of commands that would be run to set up a server would be as follows.
An interactive setup command will be coming soon™️.

settings modlog set #mod-log
settings msglog set #msg-log
settings memberlog set #member-log
settings msgchannel set #general
settings joinmsg set Welcome <mention> to <server>!
settings mute role mute

The main feature of sushii is that you can ban or mute users with the built in tools in Discord (right click a member and ban, or manually add a mute role to a member), then set the reason afterwards. This allows for more flexibility, ease of use, and faster moderation responses. sushii watches for when members are banned and when a member's roles are updated, so you are not required to only use the ban and mute commands.

Still need help?

Support is offered on the sushii Discord server.